Decoupage Napkins in a Faux Galvanized Tin Holder

Here are the steps I took to create the coasters: 1. I purchased these stone tiles as part of a package at Home Depot. I cleaned the them thoroughly. 2. I usually paint the tops and sides with our Missouri … Continue reading

A Faux Galvanized Tin Hanging Pendant Light I found a great tutorial for creating faux galvanized tin using paint. I repurposed this brass plated hanging pendant light and it looks like the real thing. The tutorial shows it on a cardboard box. Since I was painting … Continue reading

A Bunny Tin Filled with Flowers and Greenery

I’m at my son Trevor’s helping out with the kids while Lydia is at a conference, but I brought along enough supplies to keep me busy while they are at school. 🙂 I was going to paint a duck today, … Continue reading