I Didn’t Know You Could Do That With Laser Water Slide Transfers! 😱

I bought some of this amazing paper on Amazon and have made several projects with it. I truly love this stuff! There may be other brands out there and I know they make an Ink Jet Style, too, but I’m still using the laser printer package I bought do I don’t know about the others.

This is just my experience from using this brand. Also no affiliates here. I get nothing when you click on the link. I am just providing it up front because you know you will ask where I got it. Lol

I want to show you my recent projects (still finishing up one and will update when it is finished) because they are just too cute!

There’s another reason, too. I am here to teach you something I didn’t know until I did an experiment. It worked perfectly! Don’t you love when that happens?

But first….my projects.

Actually, I did two experiments, but aren’t my Mason Jar Fairy Lights just too cute?

I ran out of Mason Jars and still had one transfer I wanted to use, so I raided my jewelry box hoard (yes, I admit it … I hoard jewelry boxes and Ok…. furniture, too). I have to! I sell chalk-style paint so I have to paint all these things …eventually, so in the meantime I hoard. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Told you!

I found the perfect box, but unfortunately it had a screen instead of glass in the door.

So for this experiment, I tried sliding the transfer onto the screen. It actually worked! Once dried, it stayed in place nicely. So I learned you don’t have to have a solid surface for the transfer to adhere.

Now for the whole point of this post.

I mentioned I use laser printer paper. I also only have a black and white printer so when I printed the transfer and slid it onto the first jar, it was very hard to see, both with and without lights. So, I got out my colored Sharpies and colored in the tree. It became very vibrant and now shows up very well.

But I had already put this transfer on the jar. What would happen if I colored it first? I tried that on the other transfer. Since it was a permanent marker, when I put it in water, it did not wash out! Yay, my experiments were a success!

You never know if something will work unless you try. And when it does, it is always good to share your discovery.

I will post my Fairy Lights Box tomorrow when I finish it.

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